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One time purchase of all the workbooks for the A-Z of Akhlaaq Series. 

This bundle contains 26 workbooks worth $5 each:

  • A is for Akhlaaq (Manners makes a man)
  • B is for Bismillah (We begin with Bismillah)
  • C is for Charity (Charity begins at home)
  • D is for Dua (We only call upon Allah for help)
  • E is for Eating (The Sunnah of Eating and Drinking)
  • F is for Friend (Real Friends help you stay on the Path)
  • G is for Gifting (Gifting is an expression of love)
  • H is for Honesty (Importance of telling the truth)
  • I is for Intention (Niyyah is knowing what you are doing and for whom)
  • J is for Jealousy ( '... and do not be Jealous' hadith)
  • K is for Kindness (Allah is Kind, Love is Kindness)
  • L is for "Leaving alone that which does not concern you".
  • M is for Modesty (Haya is a part of Faith)
  • N is for Neighbours (Love your Neighbours)
  • O is for Obedience (Be obedient to Allah even if you are alone.)
  • P is for Patience (Allah is with the Sabiroon)
  • Q is for the Quran (The Word of Allah)
  • R is for Right Hand (Using your right hand is a Sunnah)
  • S is for Sunnah of Sleep
  • T is for the Etiquettes of using the Toilet
  • U is for Ummah of the Last Prophet (PBUH)
  • V is for Vanity (Everything is from Allah)
  • W is for Wudhu is the key of Salah
  • X is for 'Let's not get any X'
  • Y is for Yelling (Politeness with people is charity)
  • Z is for Zulm (Allah orders justice and good conduct)

There are 26 workbooks in all, in the Manners in Islam Bundle.

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