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Muslim Homeschooling Resources Bundle Sale

The Muslim Kids Resources bundle is a collection of Islamic homeschooling resources from Jeddah Mom, Muslim Kids Activities and Creative Kids Crafty Moms websites.

The pack contains 72 products including kids activities, workbooks, stand alone worksheets, ebooks, Dua posters, classroom decor, holiday decor and more.

For a limited time, all these products are being offered at a highly discounted rate for a Bundle Sale.

This pack contains the following products in digital format:


  1. Take the boy to the Mosque Math Charts
  2. Ramadan Tracing Activities - I ($5 value)
  3. Ramadan Tracing Activities -II ($5 value)
  4. Ramadan Telling Time Puzzle ($5 value)
  5. Ramadan Addition Bundle ($10 value)
  6. Ramadan and Eid Activities Book ($15 value)
  7. Prayer Chart PDF - Teaching Children to Love Salah 
  8. My Salah Trees ($5 value)
  9. Make a Lantern Invitation to Play ($5 value)
  10. Let's Go for Hajj Play Pack ($10 value)
  11. Lanterns Ramadan Math Game ($5 value)
  12. Lantern Shape matching game ($5 value)
  13. How to use the Math Busy Bag Activities 
  14. Hajj themed Coloring pages ($5 value)
  15. Hajj Lesson Plan 
  16. Hajj Coloring Puzzle and I Spy ($5 value)
  17. Hajj Color and Match Puzzle ($5 value)
  18. Hajj Activity Booklet 2023 ($15 value)
  19. Five Pillars of Islam Skip Counting Puzzles ($5 value)
  20. Fasting Chart ($5 value)
  21. Dates Ramadan Counting cards ($5 value)
  22. Dates number writing ($5 value)
  23. Dates number mats ($5 value)
  24. Dates Counting number puzzle ($5 value)
  25. Dates Count and Write Printable Cards ($5 value)
  26. All about Dates Counting Guidebook
  27. 1 DIY Hijri Calendar ($10 value)
  28. Lesson Plan Muslim Calendar ($5 value)
  29. Workbook Islamic Calendar ($10 value)
  30. Color-me-in Hijri- Gregorian Calendar ($15 value)
  31. My Little Calendar Wall Display A4 size ($7.50 value)
  32. My Little Calendar Wall Display Large size ($7.50 value)
  33. Islamic Calendar Names Flash Cards ($5 value)
  34. Days of the week in Arabic Activities ($5 value)
  35. DIY Flip Calendar English - Arabic ($5 value)
  36. Arabic Numerals Flashcard ($5 value)
  37. Arabic number puzzles ($5 value)
  38. Arabic Alphabets Flashcards ($5 value)


  1. A is for Akhlaaq (Manners makes a man)
  2. B is for Bismillah (We begin with Bismillah)
  3. C is for Charity (Charity begins at home)
  4. D is for Dua (We only call upon Allah for help)
  5. E is for Eating (The Sunnah of Eating and Drinking)
  6. F is for Friend (Real Friends help you stay on the Path)
  7. G is for Gifting (Gifting is an expression of love)
  8. H is for Honesty (Importance of telling the truth)
  9. I is for Intention (Niyyah is knowing what you are doing and for whom)
  10. J is for Jealousy ( '... and do not be Jealous' hadith)
  11. K is for Kindness (Allah is Kind, Love is Kindness)
  12. L is for "Leaving alone that which does not concern you".
  13. M is for Modesty (Haya is a part of Faith)
  14. N is for Neighbours (Love your Neighbours)
  15. O is for Obedience (Be obedient to Allah even if you are alone.)
  16. P is for Patience (Allah is with the Sabiroon)
  17. Q is for the Quran (The Word of Allah)
  18. R is for Right Hand (Using your right hand is a Sunnah)
  19. S is for Sunnah of Sleep
  20. T is for the Etiquettes of using the Toilet
  21. U is for Ummah of the Last Prophet (PBUH)
  22. V is for Vanity (Everything is from Allah)
  23. W is for Wudhu is the key of Salah
  24. X is for 'Let's not get any X'
  25. Y is for Yelling (Politeness with people is charity)
  26. Z is for Zulm (Allah orders justice and good conduct)


  1. Raising Children who love to pray Salah ($10 value)
  2. Chores for Muslim Kids ($10 value)


  1. Bedtime Routine and Duas DIY | MKA ($5 value)
  2. 45 Duas, Manners and Etiquettes for Muslim Children Poster Pack ($15 value)


  1. Ramadan Decorations Pack ($5 value)
  2. Printable Eid Envelopes | Jeddah Mom ($5 value)
  3. Eid Mubarak Tags | Jeddah Mom ($5 value)
  4. Days till Ramadan/Hajj Frame | Jeddah Mom ($5 value)

There are 72 products in all, in the Muslim Kids Resources Bundle. 

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