Goal Setting e-Course for Moms

A Plan to be 'More Than Just a Mom'.  How to stop existing, take control of your life and make things happen.

This guide contains a 14 day email course plus a 28 page workbook that helps you analyze how your life is going and then chart out what your next best steps should be to fulfill your goal of becoming the CEO of your home.

If you are like most moms, you may have dreams of being more than 'Just a Mom.'

You want to live a life of significance, joy and satisfaction.

We know we are meant to be more, but the days are slipping by and we have no control.

Or may be we do but many don't know how to get there.

One of the most effective ways to stay motivated is to set goals for yourself. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, unsure of where life is going or just plain worried, that your life is not going as you planned; if you wish there was just

'something' that you could do to change things around, itis a good idea to take a good look at where things are going wrong in your life and do something about it.

This Goal Setting Workbook is a proven formula that has worked for many. In this step by step guide, you will learn how to stop drifting through life and take control of the things that matter the most. It is designed with the end in mind so you can get a clear path on how to get to the next steps to have the life of your dreams.

This workbook is an extension of my Life Plan workbook.

You will get:

  • 14 day email series where every day you think about one area of your life and how to improve it.
  • 28 page workbook with questions and steps on how to plan your next best action steps.

What people who have done the course in the past say:

'I can't believe my husband and I are working on something together!'
'Your planner helped me see things in my life (opportunities) that I couldn't see before!'
'It's so relatable! Now I know why I couldn't take decisions before.'
'Aysh, thank you! You don't know how you changed my life!'

How people are using this course:

  • to find life purpose and overcome overwhelm
  • to beat depression
  • to build a stronger family as a couple
  • to take charge of their life as a CEO mom

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