Routines and Charts for Calm and Confident Children

Helps teach children do things by themselves

Suitable for ages 2.5 years to 12 years old.  A set of routines and charts that help you minimize the power struggles. Kids learn to independently carry out their responsibilities and help you help them.

Do you struggle with getting your child to cooperate with you? 

Are you doing EVERYTHING for them…?

Are they constantly demanding screen time… or nagging you for random things through the day?

This pack contains a set of routines and charts designed to help you teach your child to be confident, independent and happy to do things by themselves.

It helps children understand what is expected of them through the day. They understand the normal daily routines of getting up, going to school, what they should do at specific times of day, as well as encourage good bedtime habits.

There are two different types of charts for School as well as home or Homeschooled children. Pack also contains few different types of Progress Charts and a Screen time Rules Chart. 

What you get:

  1. A full School time routines chart with all the three routines on the same page.
  2. Three different charts of the School time routines by time of day.
  3. A full holiday or home routines chart with the morning, afternoon and bedtime routine o the same page.
  4. Three different charts with the home or holiday routine.
  5. Two screen time rules charts -one with time and another blank to fill up.
  6. 9 different types of progress charts to record your child's weekly score.

Total 19 pages plus instruction on how to implement the charts.

What parents who used these charts are saying:

'I have been using your School time routine chart for my girls. They put away all their stuff by themselves. It has been a game changer in my house. I highly recommend it to others.' - Hannan (Children 5 and 8 years old)

' I use your Routines Chart with my children. They cooperate with me better now. Thank you!' - Sarah (Children 3 and 5 year old)

'I was so happy to see my son's bed made this morning after he went to school. He is only 4 years old!' R (Child -4 years old)

'We have a bedtime routine now. She gets ready and calls me that she is ready for her story. This routine chart worked for us.' Khalida (Child 5 years old)

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