Blogging with Wisdom Blog Planner

Doodle and Dream your way to blogging success

A blog planner designed for the creative soul to stop procrastinating and create content that makes passive income for years to come!

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Are you struggling to blog consistently? Feel like you just cannot keep up with all the things online?

Don't know how to write to attract the right readers or sponsors? Has Amazon only sent you cents or none at all? Fear not. This blog planner is to help you stay consistent and regular with your blogging.

Download and print this planner, follow the steps to plan your content and you will know exactly what to write and when.

The Blogging with Wisdom Blog Planner help you make achievable goals, plan your content, look at what is working and create posts that your readers will engage with.

This is the exact blog planner that I use to manage my numerous blogs.

This planner contains:

1. An undated three week calendar that you can print and add as you go.
2. Your theme, reminders and memos one place.
3. SEO planning
3. SMO planning
4. ROI planning
5. Affiliate marketing
6. Working with brands.
7. Positive encouraging and motivational quotes to get you back on track.
8. Weekly theme planner

Plus detailed advice on how to blog like a Pro.

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1.34MB PDF File

USD 10.00

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