Organized School Year Binder

All your school stuff in one place

Teach organizing skills to your school aged children as well as keep yourself sane with less paper clutter.

What do you with activity sheets, practice papers, memos and random tidbits that your school keeps sending in? Do you remember where the fee receipt from last term is?

This binder helps you keep all your school information in one place. From important phone numbers to your child's details to test papers, results and every day activity sheets coming in - file them all in this binder.

This pack is designed to be used by children as young as 6 years old. Help your child sort through their school papers themselves. Let them learn to take responsibility from a young age. It is very easy to start them on the habit.

The pack contains front and back covers, divider sheets for different categories, teacher contact information, your child's information, homework and more.

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